CPAN Administrative Statement Regarding Legends Cup XI

On June 7th, CP Army Network announced details of our intentions to host the 11th Edition of the Legends Cup. This was opened up to all armies – regardless of whether they were registered with CPAN. This was to be hosted from June 19th, with all armies invited regardless of size or history.

Following contention that arose during the running of this year’s March Madness tournament, the desire for a tournament in which the entire community can feel represented is higher than ever. Armies want to be comfortable in the knowledge that they need not worry about whether a tournament they participate in will be unfair to them. Armies don’t want any one organisation to have control – they want equal representation, rather than let the preferences of any one organisation’s administration control the direction the tournament takes. 

CPAN prides itself on operating with the wishes of the community at the forefront of our minds. If armies are not comfortable participating in a Legends Cup hosted by any one organisation – then an alternative must be considered, in order to uphold the history of the tournament. In order to unite the community rather than divide it.

It would be against the ideals CPAN seeks to uphold if we were to continue in hosting a tournament that does not reflect the wishes of the entire community. It would be disingenuous for the victor of such a tournament to declare themselves as victorious over the community – if the entire community is not represented in the tournament in question. A significant majority of CPAN army representatives echoed this sentiment as well. 

To this end, CPAN is willing to hand control of the Legends Cup XI tournament to the community as a whole, free from any media organization.

Representatives from all army backgrounds will be involved, in order to carry this tournament in a direction that reflects the desires of the entire community – with the intention to ensure no army or armies are pushed to the fringes. 

In a tournament with as rich a history as this, it is best to respect that history and focus on a tournament that invites the entire community to participate – without asking any to sacrifice their comfort. Our priority has always been to serve the community as a whole, and if that means amending our plans – CPAN is happy to do so. CPAN will continue to provide media coverage to the Legends Cup and is pleased to provide all of its resources to help make Legends Cup XI a grand success.

I am also pleased to announce that significant progress has been made with regards to the CPAN map and I anticipate that it will be out within the next two weeks. The new map will have well over 150 servers spread across 3 continents and several islands, and will be available to all registered armies. Moreover, in line with our Summer @ CPAN initiative, we will be having exclusive tournaments and competitions later this summer. I look forward to seeing the community run Legends Cup and a fun filled summer of activity @ CPAN.

CPAN Interim Admin

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