Ice Warriors Celebrate Fourteenth Anniversary!

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Historical Capital – The Ice Warriors, an army nearly as old as time, has recently held their 14th anniversary event! Its entire week was filled with lots of celebrations and fun-filled events. Let’s recap their week, and take a look at a historical journey.

In June of 2007 Iceyfeet1234, the Club Penguin Army Legend, founded the Ice Warriors. The army has housed many other Club Penguin Army Legends and Veterans such as Andrew24, Regan and Flamez64. From 2007-2017, the army has won countless tournaments – such as the Legends Cup V – and taken the number one spot on the then-primarily Club Penguin Army Central’s Top Ten many, many weeks.

The Ice Warriors taking the victory against the Nachos in the grand finals of the Legends Cup V.

The Ice Warriors reopened at the end of 2019 under Andrew24 and Ghost on Club Penguin Online. The army in it’s early stages would max and average sizes of around 20+ and straight away, their life long rivalry with the Doritos would kick start again. However, after a not so long amount of time Andrew24 and Iceyfeet1234 would appear to get into a fued and as a result, Andrew would transfer to Pirates, leaving Ben the server. After this, the army spent around a month in lockdown before returning under Ben & Doggorage, maxing around 20-40.

After a while, Doggorage retired and afterwards the leadership would become Ben, Firestar08 and S Cargo2. They would begin to lead the army to sizes of around 35 consistently, and things really kicked off for the Ice Warriors after Agent 11, Iceyfeet1234, Andrew24, Ben, and Flamez64 broke the all-time Club Penguin Online armies size record, maxing 165+ against the Doritos in the March Madness finals.

Today, the army is led by Iceyfeet1234, Kally, LawCorazon, and Erick. Together, they have led the Ice Warriors to become a consistently top three army within our Top Ten, and have won many tournaments too. The army’s most recent tournament win is the March Madness, where they defeated the Army of Club Penguin, with a score of 2-1-1.

To celebrate their 14th anniversary, the army held a full week of fun-filled events such as a writing contest, game nights, a talent show and of course their birthday event. During the birthday event, the Ice Warriors pulled a jaw-dropping 85 penguins online. A picture of this achievement can be seen below.

Ice Warriors maxing 85+ in their birthday event!

Club Penguin Army Network interviewed Kally, one of the Ice Warriors leaders, to learn more about this week, and her experience within Ice Warriors altogether.


 What has been your favourite moment in Ice Warriors, and why?

So far, all of my most memorable memories are from the tourneys we have taken part of, Fright or Fight, March Madness, and so on. As for events from the time of my leadership, the roast session during my induction probably still tops the charts.

With 14 years now passed, how are the Ice Warriors planning to keep things fresh and move forward?

We focus a lot on having a variety of different types of events, including games that aren’t always on CPR (Minecraft, Roblox, Movie Nights etc.), so that troops don’t get bored as quickly. We also plan monthly events to have something new happening every month, such as murder mysteries, or even puzzle piece hunts, with prizes in the server.

What was, in your opinion, the highlight of your anniversary week?

The actual anniversary party for sure! We had around 85 people logged on for the event, ranging from privates, to veterans that we hadn’t seen around in a long while! It was heaps of fun, and we visited all of our favourite party rooms on CPR. I’m guessing troops, they were probably more excited for the Anniversary Talent Show. They had been asking for one for weeks, so our Leader-in-Training DrQueen put together a Committee of people and organised a fun show for us!

Thank you for your time! Are there any final comments you’d like to make?

A big thank you to the community for the fourteen amazing years! IW FOREVER.

First and foremost, a happy birthday to the Ice Warriors. Fourteen years is no small feat, and it’s incredible to see an army thrive for this long. As we can see from the interview above, everybody in the Ice Warriors has had an incredible week – one filled with reflection, fun games, and contests. How will the Ice Warriors continue after 14 years? Club Penguin Army Network will keep you posted.

What do YOU think? Will the Ice Warriors keep that successful past? Will they continue to show the same display of dedication over the next few years? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments.


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