Spectacular Smart Penguins Set To Return

CPAN Headquarters – As the army community shapes up for a heat wave of activity this summer, the Smart Penguins have officially announced their full return to the community.

Smart Penguins were established on the 19th of September, 2013. They were created by Vivek, Dinesh and their counterparts, successfully maxing 5-10 penguins in their first month. From this period onwards, Smart Penguins continuously increased their max to sizes of around 20 during their years of activity. Notable moments and achievements would include their win in the SMAC Continental Cup alongside their SMAC Summer Award of the Biggest Rise trophy, both obtained in 2014. Throughout their time in the community they have had notable leaders including Vivek, Dinesh, Superhero123, and Rishron.

On the 5th of June 2021, the Smart Penguins have announced their full return to the army community after 4 years. Superhero123 was the bearer of the announcement and spoke in a post titled “Ascension“. Ultimately, this post illustrated that Smart Penguins were “returning for it’s sixth generation in 3rd July 2021”. After many rejected offers for revivals in the past, an offer was accepted by Superhero123 and Astro75113 (Guncotton). The new leader for the sixth generation is df44, who has shown great potential in Water Vikings as Third-In-Command and therefore has had this potential repaid in the form of leadership.

The post continues by outlining that Superhero123 and “Astro will be assisting df44 during his reign”, whilst personally attempting to “co-lead with him for the initial weeks of the reopening”. As you can see from the announcement post, it is thus clear that Smart Penguins are gearing up for their official return in little over a month and are aiming to come back with a bang.

To delve deeper into the reasoning behind the revival of Smart Penguins, we managed to conduct an interview with Superhero123, Smart Penguins Legend.


What were some of the factors behind the revival of Smart Penguins?

Df44 asked myself and Guncotton for permission, and since he is someone we both have been working with daily for many months now over at Water Vikings we felt that he can be trusted with this great mission. Also me and Cotton will both have more time now in the summer so it felt ideal.

Additionally, what influenced the decision to revive Smart Penguins a month after the announcement?

That’s when df’s and mine exams end.

I see you expressed the potential that Df44 has. How successful do you believe Df44 can be in leading Smart Penguins, relating to both personal success and success for the army?

He is relatively new to the community but both myself and Cotton have seen great potential in him. We believe he will excel in achieving success for both himself and the army, and we will be here to help him as much as possible.

What can we expect to see from Smart Penguins in the near future, once the revival has commenced?

AUSIA power, wars, excellent S/M (for starters) tournament runs and lots of dumb tactics that will make you question our army’s name.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Fear the IQ :brain:

As illustrated in the interview above, Superhero123 believes strongly in the potential of df44 and is confident in his abilities to lead the army into success. Superhero123 and Guncotton will also be aiding df44 behind the scenes. Lastly, Superhero123 expresses that Smart Penguins could be eagerly returning with possible wars, strong tournament performances and peculiar tactics. Only time will tell if the Smart Penguins will have a similar impact to their previous generations.

What do YOU think about the revival of Smart Penguins? Let us know in the comments!


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