Top Ten Armies [5/23/21 – 5/29/21]


Welcome to CPAN’s first edition of Top Ten Armies. Read down below more to find out the standings and what our top 10 armies have been up to for the week.


1. Rebel Penguin Federation (89.23)

2. Help Force (78.19)

3. Ice Warriors (73.87)

4. Army of Club Penguin (73.21)

5. Templars (55.40)

6. Water Vikings (51.61)

7. Silver Empire (50.69)

8. Special Weapons and Tactics (42.52)

9. Doritos (37.25)

10. Fire Warriors (31.30)


—- Close to top 10—-

11. People’s Imperial Confederation (27.25)

12. Red Ravagers (23.57)

13. Golden Troops (21.88)

14. Sidie’s Rangers (11.5)

15. Magma Clan (9)

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held a total of 6 events during their AUSIA week. The Rebels started off by combating the Water Vikings, which saw a max of 51 troops on the battlefield, bringing home a win. For their first AUSIA event of the week, the army logged on for a mining event and saw a max of 50. The following day, their Candy Pizzatron tournament peaked at 46 chefs, with their troop YoGal earning the most tips. An astonishing 63 Rebels attended the AUSIA e-besties event, and their troop Alien walked away with the trophy from the Vogue-inspired fashion show, which had a total of 59 participants. To conclude their AUSIA week, the Rebel Penguin Federation participated in a three-way battle with the Army of Club Penguin and the Help Force. The battle saw a peak of 68 Rebels, but the battle ultimately concluded in a three-way draw.

2. Help ForceThe Help Force had a busy week with a total of 7 events. They kicked off their week with an AUSIA Igloo Raid where they peaked at 49 raiders. Next, they held an AUSIA Caveman Conundrum Hide and Seek event, seeing 20 troops in attendance to participate. Breaking their AUSIA event streak, the Helpers hosted an EU Ringmasters Training event where they saw 47 troops online to practice for battle. Heading back to AUSIA times, the Help Force went all out against each other in an AUSIA Branch Battle: Caffeine Construction. They maxed 41 respectively. Later on that day, the Helpers geared up for a US battle against the Magma Clan where they saw 35 helpers log on. After a break day, the Help Force came back into action maxing 55 in a three-way AUSIA battle versus the Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation. Ending their eventful week off, the Helpers enjoyed a US Themed U-Lead where they saw 34 online.

3. Ice Warriors: This week the Ice Warriors held 7 events. They kicked off the week with a “Caveman Pizza Takeover” event and maxed 33 penguins. They then had an EU practice battle against the Silver Empire where they maxed 46 penguins. The next day they held another EU event, a battle training, and maxed 45 penguins. They had another EU event Tuesday and maxed 43 penguins, at a practice battle and game night event with the People’s Imperial Confederation. Two days later they held an EU ice fishing event with a max of 40 penguins online. The following day’s mop-themed AUSIA event hit a max of 35 penguins. To finish off their week, they held an AUSIA U-Lead event maxing 46 penguins.

4. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin had a packed week, hosting eight different events. First was a celebration of their victory in the ACP-DCP war, where they maxed 42. They later attempted a stamp raid with a max of 32. Afterward, they held an AUSIA battle against the Red Ravagers with a max of 32 and a UK revival of their Gamma Division with a max of 40. Thursday saw them hold another AUSIA event, where 33 penguins wore letterman jackets. As ACP’s week drew to a close, 35 troops logged on to defeat SWAT in a battle and 31 to attend a “Roti Warriors Revival” event. Finally, they held a three-way AUSIA battle against RPF and HF, where they maxed 49 penguins.

5. Templars: The Templars had a noteworthy week with a total of 5 events. To kick off the week, they held an HCOM/Mod U-lead event with the Golden Troops, where they saw a max of 29 members online. The following day, the Templars peaked at 41 during the battle in which they faced off the Magma Clan. On Wednesday, they trained before confronting SWAT and ACP, reaching a max of 32. Next, the Templars participated in yet another battle with the Magma Clan, this time maxing with 36 troops. To conclude the week, they held a practice battle with the Doritos of CP where they saw 37 online.

6. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings had an exciting week with a total of 6 events. They started off with an AUSIA event, called “Back in Time Party” where they maxed 27 penguins. That same day they had an EU battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, in which they maxed 15 penguins, as well as an EU Ice fishing tournament as part of their Olympics Week where they maxed 23 with troop Paragon9 catching the most fish.  A solid 26 penguins logged on for their Olympics Opening Ceremony on Monday which turned into a HydroHopper tournament. They continued their Olympics Week with an AUSIA dance contest on Friday with Paragon9 rocking the dance floor and a max of 25 dancers.  On Saturday an AUSIA Find Four Tournament with a max of 23 and Wolfgirl taking home the gold.  To finish off their week, the Vikings battled it out with S.W.A.T. on Saturday where they had 23 penguins online and emerged victoriously.

7. Silver EmpireSilver Empire had an excellent week, hosting 7 events. They began with a practice battle and Cart Surfer competition against the Ice Warriors, where they maxed 19. A few days later, they held an AUSIA Dance Contest event with a max of 17 and a prehistoric-themed event with a max of 21. The Silvers later held an AUSIA Find Four tournament, in which they maxed 25. On Friday, their US event “Up, Up, and Away” maxed 22 silvers. Ending off their week, they had an AUSIA Hide and Seek event and an EU race as asteroids, maxing 23 and 29, respectively.

8. Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T)S.W.A.T. held a total of 5 events this week.  They began with a training event on Monday which saw 28 penguins online.  On Wednesday the Agents went head to head against the Army of Club Penguin in a practice battle with the Clovers taking the win and SWAT reaching a max of 21 members.  That same day they held an Unscheduled U-Lead in which 28 eager troops logged on at a chance to lead their own tactic.  An AUSIA training event followed up on Friday with the army maxing 17 people online.  To finish off their week, they headed onto the battlefield for a practice battle against the Water Vikings that saw a peak of 25 penguins.

9. Doritos: The Doritos had a total of 4 events this week. They began their week with a UK/US Pizza Rewind event where they saw a peak of 32 online. Next, they held an EU Member/Mod U-Lead event having 25 troops participate. A few days later, the Doritos brushed up on their battle techniques with a UK/US Training event where they had 15 troops in attendance. Finally, the Doritos used their training techniques in a UK battle against the Templars of CP.

10. Fire WarriorsThe Fire Warriors held a total of 4 events this week. Starting their week off with a bang, the Fire Warriors had an AUSIA Volcano Themed event maxing 14 online, then later hopped back on for an EU Training event to show off their speedy tactics, once again maxing 14. Next, they held an EU Burning Asteroids event seeing a peak of 13 troops in attendance. Lastly, to finish off their fun-filled week, they faced off against the People’s Imperial Federation in a battle where they maxed 14 respectively. 

Congrats to all the armies that made the Top 10 this week. We are excited to see what is in store for the upcoming weeks. What are your predictions for next week? Let us know down in the chat!

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