CPAHQ Statement: Changes to the Top Ten

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Over the course of April, many concerns were brought to our attention regarding multiple aspects of the Top Ten.  Thus, we have worked to address these issues.


The current Top Ten formula was crafted by Kingfunks4, and is currently used by CPAHQ and the Shamrock Bulletin.  Both CPAHQ and the Top Ten curators over at SB, Max and Sophiee, decided to work together to iron out the current issues with the Top Ten.  This does not mean that Shamrock Bulletin has any authority over the CPAHQ Top Ten.  Max and Sophiee were consulted due to their proficiency in the formula we use.  These changes are being released in conjunction with SB.

Event Maximums

Recently, armies have been including multiple rooms to encompass their maximum size for an event.  This has led to much confusion for the entire community on if all of the pictures are counted or not.  It’s also been noticed that armies double count troops frequently, whether by accident or not.  Henceforth, only one room will be used for the maximum size count.  The exception to this rule is in the event of lockouts.  The Club Penguin Rewritten room cap is 80 users, so only if the room size exceeds 80 users will additional pictures be accounted for.  For lockout rooms, lockouts must stick to one room.  For example, if there are 80 users in the mine, the lockout size can be taken from the Mine Shack, where all lockouts are.  No other size pictures will be accounted for.

CPR has a feature where it shows how many users are in the room.  If an army is using this feature, the card must not obstruct the room.  Leaders should put the card in one of the top corners to not block any of the areas where users can be seen.  In addition to this, if the size card is used, the card must be in the same picture as the maximum picture.  Pictures of the card itself without the room being visible will not be considered.

Lastly, markings on pictures must not obstruct a users name or appearance.  Leaders can mark users in the picture to affirm their size account, but the marking should be small and a different color than their army.

Failure to adhere to these requests may result in the maximum picture not being used, due to the circumstances of the photo lowering the accuracy of the maximum size for the event.  

Counting Guidelines

CPAHQ will count users that are in the uniform being used for the event, or using the correct colors.  If a user is not in formation, but is in the correct uniform/color and doing tactics, they will be counted.  CPAHQ will not count users who aren’t in the uniform being utilized, or not using the correct colors, and are not in the current formation.  Those users are defined as rogues.  As mentioned previously, users in other rooms will not be counted unless they are locked out.

Event Quality Multipliers

CPAHQ’s event quality has been a multiplier of 2.5 for solo events and a multiplier of 4 for battles, where more than one army is present.  Going forward, the multipliers will be as follows:

Multiplier of 2.5: Solo events.

Multiplier of 3: Practice battles between armies of different classifications.

Multiplier of 4: Practice battles between armies of same classification, or war battles.

CPAHQ currently classifies armies as major or small/medium.  To be a major army, an army must average at least 20 with a minimum of 2 events in the week for two concurrent Top Tens.  Conversely, if a major army averages below 20 for two concurrent Top Tens, they will be moved to the small/medium classification.  So, if a major army hosts a practice battle against a small/medium army, the event point will receive a multiplier of 3.  If a major army battles another major army, the event point will receive a multiplier of 4.  The same goes for small/medium armies.  War battles, regardless of classification, will receive a multiplier of 4.  This change has been made to encourage armies to participate in more challenging battles.

CPR Rules

Although CPAHQ does not enforce CPR’s rules, we highly encourage all armies to only use servers that are 1 bar.  Any higher is a violation of CPR’s rules, and if done repeatedly, could lead to CPR strengthening their negative stance on armies.  If usage of servers with 2 or more bars persists, we will explore the possibility of deductions for doing so in the future.  This would be to preserve CPR as a place where armies can be, as there is no other stable CPPS for armies.

CPAHQ hopes to alleviate the confusion with the Top Ten with these changes.  We will be monitoring how this slate effects future Top Tens to ensure that it hasn’t created any unfair advantages.  We encourage community members to share any ideas they have with us by using the Your Questions Answered submission form, where questions are answered every Friday.  Click the graphic on the left sidebar to be taken to the form!


CPA Headquarters Director in Chief

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