Shields vs Clovers: The Templars declare war on the Army of Club Penguin

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Capital – In a surprise move, the Templars declare war on ACP. Read more to find out what led to this sudden declaration and how ACP plans to respond!

The Templars of Club Penguin, created by Xing on April 4, 2018 have been involved in a numerous wars and tournaments, such as the war with SWAT, Water Vikings and Legends Cup XI in recent memory. In its three years of existence, the Templars have managed to rank consistently among the Top Ten Armies and have managed to stand out as one of the most controversial armies in the CPPS era. After their expulsion from CPAN’s league, the Templars have been keeping themselves busy with numerous wars, with the most recent one being against the Army of Club Penguin

The Templars on their practice battle against the Ice Warriors

War Terms

On September 27th, Xing declared war on the Army of Club Penguin and said it was because they dislike the Clovers and that they have been hostile to them.

War Terms for Templars vs Army of CP

War Terms for Templars vs Army of CP

Interview Section

The CP Army Network reached out Xing and Fatchicken88 to know more about the war declaration.


 ACP is helpless without their allies with them in the battles against us. As much as they want to mock us and beat us, it won’t ever happen and it will never happen. All these wars they had against us failed. Now look, us 3-0ing them shook them to the core so much they dropped bit by bit after that losing to SE the day after in an ausia invasion.

What do I have to fear in ACP? Their statuses mocking people like Elsa? I’d like to thank ACP for not being scared to actually come fight us and invade some servers they made out of thin air. I’m sure they want to beat us badly, but, I won’t allow it to happen.No army has been able to kill Templars and will never kill Templars. Being banned from anything means nothing anymore, this is not CPO. The week or so after we got banned, we hit 50+ twice in the same week and went on to match RPF’s max in the Legends Cup Semifinals.

It makes you think, how is ACP not able to kill off Templars with 3 wars but Templars able to knock down their size and kill their motivation with just one fell swoop? Very interesting I’d say. I’m also sad and grieved that we heard reports of many men dying at “Templar Bank” and “North Templar Station” in the past day or so. So many women and children and men are gone because of the ACP. Truly a barbarian people those ACP are.


The declaration from Templars definitely wasn’t a surprise to us, and it’s only basis of reasoning is “Revenge” for the past three wars that they lost – but we know they won’t be getting that revenge at all. It’s also quite interesting how they decided that declaring during September would somehow lead to another win, but it won’t. I am quite confident that the ACP will win this war.

Both seem confident of their victory in this war and are eager to resolve their differences on the battlefield.

What do YOU think? Who will emerge victorious? Let us know your thoughts in the CPAN Discord Server.


CP Army Network Reporter Trainee


CP Army Network Reporter

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